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Our Story
“Premium Select Finance: Where ‘It’s all about you’ isn’t just a mission, it’s our commitment. Since 2017, we’ve been dedicated to helping individuals achieve their financial dreams. Explore our journey and discover how we’re here to support you every step of the way.”

Founder’s Story
Lalendra Sharma
In the heart of every great endeavour, there lies an extraordinary story of inspiration and determination. At Premium Select Finance, our journey is no different. It’s a story that begins with a name – Lalendra Sharma.
Lalendra, our founder, embarked on his Australian journey as an immigrant, driven by dreams and fueled by the desire for a better life. His initial steps in the transportation sector were just the beginning of a remarkable journey that would lead to the birth of Premium Select Finance.
In 2017, a pivotal moment occurred when Lalendra realized his true passion lay in entrepreneurship. He saw an opportunity to leverage his extensive network and connections to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Thus, he ventured into the world of finance as a broker.
But for Lalendra, it was never just about business; it was about a mission. A mission to educate and empower people in the complex world of financing and home loans. He believed that everyone deserved the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their financial future. This mission became the driving force behind Premium Select Finance.
His famous line, “It’s all about you,” embodies this ethos. It’s a testament to Lalendra’s philosophy that when you genuinely help others achieve their goals, it ultimately takes care of your own needs. It’s a philosophy that we, as a company, embrace wholeheartedly.
Moreover, Lalendra’s unique approach extends beyond words. He treats every client as more than just a business transaction – he treats them as family. This personal touch, rooted in trust and genuine care, has been the cornerstone of our company’s success.
Today, Premium Select Finance stands as a testament to Lalendra’s unwavering dedication to helping people achieve their financial dreams. Our mission and vision are simple yet powerful: to provide education, support, and personalized solutions that enable individuals and families to secure their financial future.
As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain committed to Lalendra’s founding principles, ensuring that “It’s all about you” remains at the heart of everything we do. We invite you to join us on this journey, where your financial aspirations become our mission.
Meet Our Exceptional Team
Lalen Sharma
PSF Founder, Director, and Finance Broker
Lalen’s entrepreneurial spirit led him from a career in transportation to finance in 2017. His mission is clear: to empower you on your financial journey.
Kartik Sharma
Finance Broker
Kartik plays a pivotal role in managing our lending operations, leveraging his extensive expertise in mortgage financing to guide you through your financial goals.
Arin Chandra
Finance Broker
Arin’s wealth of expertise, ethical conduct, and customer-centric approach make him your ideal financial partner. He leads our Queensland office, nestled on the stunning Sunshine Coast.
Shilpa Trivedi
Loan Consultant
With a background spanning medical research and property investment, Shilpa is your trusted guide in the world of financial opportunities. She’s dedicated to helping you craft the next chapter of your life.
Darren Raju
Assessment Manager
Bringing a robust background in construction, Darren enhances our loan assessment processes, ensuring an exceptional experience for our cherished customers.
Suyashna Sharma
Customer Relations Manager
Suyashna’s 16 years of managerial experience ensure that every facet of our organization runs seamlessly, fostering positive relationships and empowering success.
Angela Estrella
Business and Communications Manager
Angela’s decade-long career in banking, accounting, and finance optimizes our operations for an exceptional customer experience.
Kriz Manalastas
Pipeline Manager
Kriz ensures the smooth progress of your applications, drawing from extensive experience in home lending.
Noel Nebres
Loan Processing Manager
As a pioneer of PSF, Noel’s expertise in assessment, loan processing, and regulatory compliance is unparalleled.
Olive Remorozo
Loan Processing Manager
Olive specializes in efficient collaboration with brokers and assessors, contributing invaluable support to our team.
Madel Francisco
Loan Processing Manager
Madel’s experience in the insurance sector enriches our team, ensuring efficient file assessment and compilation.